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2009/10 Local Transport Capital Programme - Road Safety.

Meeting: 19/03/2009 - Cabinet (Item 420)

420 2009/10 Local Transport Capital Programme - Road Safety. pdf icon PDF 116 KB


The Director of Technical Services reported that further to his report on the Local Transport Capital Programme, which was considered and approved by Cabinet on 15th January 2009, his further report set out project details relating to proposed schemes within the Road Safety Block.


This has been identified as a Key Decision in the Forward Plan.


Resolved: - That


(1)  the Road Safety programme for 2009/10 be approved as set out in this report;


(2)  the Director of Technical Services be authorised to select a suitable alternative from the reserve list of schemes in consultation with party spokespersons, in the event that it proves impractical to proceed with an approved scheme or unallocated finance becomes available;


(3)  the receipt of petitions for traffic calming as identified in Section 7 be noted and the decision by Overview and Scrutiny Committee that as no benefit to the personal injury accident record can be achieved by actioning these requests, they are not prioritised for action at the present time.