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The Sail, West Kirby - Financial Appraisal

Meeting: 09/04/2009 - Cabinet (Item 442)

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Further to minute 390 (19/3/09) the Director of Corporate Services presented a report providing further details in relation to concerns expressed by members relating to the loss of car parking , the hotel design, and the specification for the sailing school.  Carpenter Investments had also provided financial details about the scheme in the form of a development appraisal which was currently being reviewed by the Council’s appointed independent consultants.


The final report from the appointed consultants in respect of the independent assessment of the development appraisal would be available for the Cabinet meeting on 23rd April. As the lock out agreement expired on 10th April 2009, it was recommended that a further extension of the lockout agreement to 23 April be agreed.


This sailing school element of the scheme was considered by the Culture Tourism and Leisure Overview and Scrutiny Committee (minute 24 – 31/3/09) when it was resolved:


“That this Committee recommend to Cabinet that the officers be asked to liaise with the scheme’s architects to ensure that the design issues identified by Members are addressed with specific attention drawn to the need for disabled persons’ toilets and the provision of a chandler’s boat repair facility.”


With the permission of the Chair, Councillor John Hale (Scrutiny Committee Chair), Mr Dalglish (West Kirby Working Group), Mr I Sparks (Sailing School Manager), Mr Brewitt (Developers) and Councillor Jeff Green (Conservative Group Leader) addressed the meeting.


Mr Howard Mortimer, Head of Special Initiatives, responded to issues raised by the speakers. He reported that the case for economic benefits associated with this scheme in providing a modern boutique type hotel and the re-provision of the Sailing school, fully funded by the private sector, had not changed since its inception in 2006. 


The Leader acknowledged the benefits of the scheme in providing a much enhanced sailing school which the Council would run and manage. However, the financial appraisal was needed before Cabinet could progress matters any further.


Resolved –


(1)  That Cabinet notes the content of this report, and will further consider this information together with the representations made tonight and the report that will be provided to Cabinet on 23 April, outlining the outcome of the independent assessment of the development appraisal.


(2)  Cabinet also notes that the lock-out agreement has now expired and considers that the terms of the lock-out agreement have been met.


(3)  Cabinet notes the views of the Culture Tourism and Leisure Overview and Scrutiny Committee.