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Proposal to Realign the Joint Carers' Commission (in line with Wirral's Strategy for Carers 2014-17)

Meeting: 10/02/2015 - Cabinet (Item 144)

144 Proposal to Realign the Joint Carers' Commission (in line with Wirral's Strategy for Carers 2014-17 pdf icon PDF 104 KB

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Prior to consideration of this item, Councillor Mooney having previously declared a prejudicial interest in this item, left the room and took no part in its consideration.


Councillor Chris Jones introduced the report of the Director of Adult Social Services.  Stating that, under the Care Act and in line with Better Care Fund resource allocation, Health and Social Care commissioning was increasingly becoming integrated. 


The report set out the outcome of a Social Care and CCG review that was undertaken to set better outcomes for Carers overall by using resources more effectively across the Health and Social Care economy. 


The Better Care Fund Plan identified joint investment of £765,000, of which £65,000 was already committed, to achieve the outcomes of:


·  Protecting social care services

·  Joint assessment

·  Acute impact

·  Resources pooled for commissioning of Carers support services across the Council and the CCG

·  Joint commissioning service review 2014/15 with a view to jointly re-commissioning a single service.


The key performance indicators included supporting increased number of Carers receiving an assessment or review.  A specific Carers experience survey would also be undertaken. 


The report set out the reasons for, and outcomes of, a tender for Carer services.


In addition, the draft Short Break (Respite) Care Practice and Procedure Guidance has been amended as a result of the comments received through the consultation period and were used to shape the final Guidance. 




(1)  the awards being offered to the provider organisations for the delivery of the Carers Health and Wellbeing Service, be approved as follows:




Awarded to

1A & 1B

Carers Practical Support and Carers Grants

Wired (lead) consortia


Daytime activities and Day care for people with early onset dementia

Age UK Wirral


Short break beds:

Age UK – 6 residential EMI beds


Hoylake Cottage Hospital – 6 residential beds


Age UK Wirral (lead)



Short break beds:

6 residential EMI beds

Norens Ltd


(2)  that the following services had not been awarded as part of the tender and will require further action:




Action required


Daytime Activities and Day care for older people with dementia or mental health issues

Re-advertise or offer within existing capacity

Reason: Due to the service provider not being able to offer the service within the stipulated budget, we feel that a contract with this organisation is not sustainable if the contract runs for two years and therefore not viable.


Care at Home and Outreach

Re-advertise or offer to

current preferred providers

Reason: The organisations confirmed their agreed rate at £13.50 with administration costs being met by the providers.  Commissioners consider that the service could be provided at the Wirral rate of £12.28 per hour, any agreement to the higher rate of £13.50 could destabilise the market.


Short break beds:

6 residential beds


Reason: There were no applications made for the 6 residential short break beds, this service will require re-advertising.


(3)  the revised Short Breaks (Respite) Care Practice and Procedure Guidance with amendments  ...  view the full minutes text for item 144