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Liverpool City Region Combined Authority - Scrutiny Arrangements

Meeting: 12/07/2016 - Business Overview and Scrutiny Committee (Item 10)

Liverpool City Region Combined Authority - Verbal Update


The Chair gave an update to the Committee on the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority Scrutiny Panel. He reminded the Committee that an LCRCA workshop was to be held on 26 July and encouraged all Members to attend for the opportunity to receive an update on governance and review proposals from the Leader of the Council, and from David Parr, Chief Executive of Halton Borough Council, who was the City Region lead officer for the Governance Review.


He reported that he had been elected Vice-Chair of the LCRCA Scrutiny Panel and had also been put on the Audit Committee.


The Chair reported that the City Region had benefited greatly over the years from European Union funding and there was now a need to secure replacement funding from the Government. Councillor Joe Anderson, Leader of the LCRCA had attended the last meeting of the Scrutiny Panel at which he gave a presentation on the role of Metro Mayor and the need for a structure to be in place to support the elected Mayor. He was very aware that it should not become Liverpool centric. All six Authorities had put two councillors forward to be on the Scrutiny Panel and Liverpool City Council was the only one to not put forward two Labour Councillors but had nominated a Green Party Councillor as Councillor Anderson had stated he wanted good scrutiny.


He informed the Committee that the three Overview and Scrutiny Chairs would be meeting on a regular basis and he would put the suggestion forward that there should be a regular item on the other two Overview and Scrutiny Committee agendas regarding the LCRCA Scrutiny Panel.


Resolved – That this Committee receives an update at each meeting throughout the year.