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2018/19 Quarter 2 Wirral Plan Performance

Meeting: 28/11/2018 - Business Overview and Scrutiny Committee (Item 32)

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A report by the Director of Economic and Housing Growth provided the 2018/19 Quarter 2 ( July – September 2018) performance report for the Wirral Plan pledges under the remit of the Business Overview and Scrutiny Committee. The report, as included in appendix 1 provided an overview of progress in Quarter 2 as well as providing available data in relation to a range of outcome indicators and supporting measures.


The Quarter one Wirral Plan Performance was summarised as follows:


·  The number of jobs created shows strong performance this quarter at 373, a result of SME small-scale recruitment and a large-scale recruitment exercise for one business experiencing rapid growth and further expansion of production lines.


·  Wirral’s employment rate this quarter has improved to 74.8, the highest recorded figure for this measure. This good performance means Wirral has narrowed the gap with England and is outperforming the North West by 0.4%.


·  An extension of European Funds to support young people into work and training through the Wirral Ways to Work Programme has been secured which will enable continued delivery of programmes up to 2020.


·  Latest figures show a rise in the value of Tourism to Wirral at £426m; an average increase of 6.6% p.a. since 2014.


·  In Quarter 2 there was a major investment in our Assisted Travel Services to help residents with disabilities and special educational needs to get to our day centres, schools and colleges. The investment in technology and vehicles will enhance the transport experience for service users.


·  There has been a reduction in people killed or seriously injured (KSI) in road traffic accidents in Quarter 2, at 17 people, compared to 40 in the same quarter the previous year. A range of initiatives to improve safety have been delivered including motorcycle safety engagements and Bikesafe workshops.


·  The annual figure for the Council’s emission of carbon dioxide is 26,463 (tonnes) exceeding the target set by 12.3%. Emissions have reduced by 19,018 tonnes from a 2008/09 baseline of 45,481 tonnes, a reduction of 41.8% over 8 operational years, with an annual reduction of 5.85%.


Responding to questions from Members, the Director for Economic and Housing Growth informed that there had been some issues with data collection from Merseyside police with particular reference to road deaths. He advised that this would be corrected and circulated to Members.


In response to a further question, the Director for Economic and Housing Growth informed that small businesses in the area would be supported and encouraged to apply for contracts.


Resolved – That the report be noted.