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The Chair welcomed those in attendance, stated the terms of reference and read out statement about the webcasting of the meeting.



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No apologies for absence had been received.



Members are asked to consider whether they have any disclosable pecuniary interests and/or any other relevant interest in connection with any item(s) on this agenda and, if so, to declare them and state the nature of the interest.


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Councillor Christina Muspratt declared a personal interest in the Community Safety Strategy (minute 6) as her son was a serving police officer.

Councillor Christina Muspratt also declared an interest in the Strategic Developments in the NHS (minute 5) as she had one daughter worked as a GP and another daughter worked in the NHS.

Councillor Sarah Spoor declared a personal interest in the Strategic Developments in the NHS (minute 5) as she had a daughter who was a student nurse in NHS.

Councillor Ian Lewis declared a personal interest in the update from the Clatterbridge Cancer Centre NHS Foundation Trust (minute 8) as a voting member of Clatterbridge Cancer Centre NHS Foundation Trust.

Councillor Leslie Rennie declared a personal interest in the Community Safety Strategy (minute 6) as she was an elected Member on the Merseyside Fire and Rescue Authority.

Councillor Joe Walsh declared a personal interest in the Strategic Developments in the NHS (minute 5) as he had two daughters who worked in the NHS.



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There were no questions, statements or petitions from the public or Members.



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A report of the Chief Officer, NHS Wirral Clinical Commissioning Group and Wirral Health and Care Commissioning was considered, which provided a high-level summary of strategic developments in the NHS pertaining to the Cheshire and Merseyside Health and Care Partnership and the development of the organisation to become an Integrated Care System. It also detailed the plans to restructure commissioning and Clinical Commissioning Groups and the local influence in the health system.

Simon Banks, Chief Officer, NHS Wirral Clinical Commissioning Group and Wirral Health and Care Commissioning, presented the report and answered Members questions. Members noted that if the proposal was implemented it would create the third largest Integrated Care Systems in England by the planned amalgamation of nine Clinical Commissioning Groups into one within a timescale of 18 months.

Members were particularly interested in how local input would be retained in such a large system, although they noted that there was accountability via Councillors to the Cheshire and Wirral Partnership. Formal consultation on the changes was yet to happen and members were keen to see reports on progress.

Councillor Tony Cottier made a proposal which was seconded by Councillor Christina Muspratt and debated. It was then put to the vote and agreed.


That the Partnerships Committee considers that local people, patient groups and other invested parties be consulted before any large scale Clinical Commissioning Group mergers are considered for Wirral. Furthermore, this Committee calls for a meeting with our counterparts from all other authorities involved in these proposals.


Community Safety Strategy pdf icon PDF 243 KB

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A report of the Director of Neighbourhood Services was submitted which outlined the development process for the statutory Community Safety Strategy which was to cover the period 2021-2025.

Mark Camborne, Assistant Director for Neighbourhood Safety and Transport introduced the report. He indicated that there was a road map for the production of the Community Safety Strategy involving a consultation process with stakeholders and the community which would culminate in a final version of the strategy being presented to the Tourism Communities Culture and Leisure Committee in 2021. It was to have input from other stakeholders including the public, aligned with the Wirral Plan 2025 and had eight thematic areas.  

Members debated the report and the scope of it to ensure that areas of focus such as New Ferry and homelessness were taken into account in the development of the strategy.

Police Superintendent Martin Earl referred to a Dashboard Tracker which showed a summary of crime in the borough.

Councillor Stuart Whittingham moved a proposal.

This was seconded by Councillor Joe Walsh and debated.

Councillor Leslie Rennie proposed an amendment to delete certain wording from the proposal so that it would read as follows:

“That the Committee note the contents of the report; and the Committee endorse the co-production approach to developing the strategy.”

This was seconded by Councillor Dave Mitchell and debated.

On being put to the vote the amendment by Councillor Leslie Rennie was lost by 4 votes for and 6 against.

The proposal from Councillor Stuart Whittingham was then voted on and was carried with 6 votes for and 4 against.

Resolved: The Committee resolved that:

(1)   the contents of the report be noted;

(2)   the co-production approach to developing the strategy be welcomed and endorsed;

(3)   that further thematic specific reports as appropriate be brought to the Committee as part of the co-production process; and

(4)   as part of the co-production process a detailed report on road safety be included on the Committee’s Work Program. This report should benchmark Wirral’s performance against our statistical neighbours.

At the conclusion of this item, the Committee agreed to have a short adjournment.


Cheshire and Wirral Partnership Draft Quality Account pdf icon PDF 1 MB

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Jo Watts, Associate Director Specialist Mental Health, All Age Disabilities, and Anushta Sivananthan, Medical Director, presented the Cheshire and Wirral Partnership (CWP) Quality Account 2019-20. They highlighted the improvements from the previous year and the national recognition received. The CWP had a focus on continuous improvement and produced annual books of best practice and had produced an additional one for the work during the Covid pandemic.

Members asked questions in relation to a number of issues, including work undertaken to support veterans and the increased prevalence of self-harm.



That the CWP Quality Account 2019-20 be noted.



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Liz Bishop, Chief Executive of Clatterbridge Cancer Centre introduced her report and slide pack detailing issues around the Centre. A new cancer hospital had opened in Liverpool in June 2020 and Clatterbridge was in the process of being refurbished.

Members queried the current situation and confirmed that transport could be arranged where patients could not access the hospital. Members were invited to visit the hospital once the work had concluded.



That the report be noted.


Partnerships Committee Work Programme Update pdf icon PDF 94 KB

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A report of the Director of Law and Governance was submitted which included a suggested future work programme for the Committee to consider.

The Chair introduced the report and invited suggestions for issues to include in the work programme that fell within the remit of the Committee.

The Committee discussed a wide range of possible options including the possibility of inviting partners and external agencies to attend and report to future Committee Meetings. These included officers from Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service, the Northwest Ambulance Service, Social Housing providers, Network Rail, the Voluntary/Third Sector, RNLI, Better Care Fund, Utility providers, the Highways Authority and Trade Union representatives. Additionally, the Committee discussed a number of specific topics including a review of previous Motions to Council and outcomes, food security and the development of new partnerships. It was noted that the Committee had already resolved to include a detailed report on road safety as part of the Committee’s Work Program.

The Chair suggested that given the breadth of ideas and options, it would be beneficial to hold a workshop to give the suggestions more consideration and it would also enable further clarification to be provided in respect to the Committee’s Terms of Reference,. She identified three key issues which she suggested could be added to the work programme pending the workshop being Road Safety, the Better Care Fund and engaging with Third Sector partners.


1)   That the following be added to the future Committee Work programme

(i) Road safety

(ii) Better Care Fund

(iii) Engaging with Third Sector partners

2)  That the Director of Law and Governance be requested to make the arrangements for a workshop be held to consider the role and remit of the Committee and to enable Members to give further consideration to issues that they would wish to include in the future work programme.