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Members of the Board are asked whether they have any personal or prejudicial interests in connection with any application on the agenda and, if so, to declare them and state the nature of the interest.


Members were asked if they had any pecuniary or non-pecuniary interests in connection with any application on the agenda and, if so, to declare them and state the nature of the interest.


Councillor Phil Gilchrist declared a non-pecuniary interest by virtue of being the Appointed Governor: Cheshire and Wirral NHS Partnership Trust


Councillor Chris Jones declared a personal interest by virtue of her employment with the Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.


Councillor Ian Lewis declared a personal interest in Item 4b (New Model of Safeguarding) of the agenda as he was involved with a complaint on this item.




Apologies were received from Simon Banks, Chief Officer, Wirral Paul Boyce, Director for Children, Councillor Phil Davies, Phil Davies, Chair, Healthwatch, Chief Superintendent Ian Hassall, Merseyside Police, Janelle Holmes (deputy for David Jago), Chief Operating Officer, Wirral University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust Karen Howell, CEO Wirral Community NHS Foundation Trust, Dr Sue Wells, Chair, Wirral CCG and Graham Hodkinson, Director for Health & Care.


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To approve the accuracy of the minutes of the meeting held on 15 November, 2017.


Resolved – That the accuracy of the Minutes of the Health & Wellbeing Formal Board held on 15 November, 2017 be approved as a correct record.




Cheshire and Merseyside Healthcare Partnership Update Reports

Update reports will be provided on the following:


·  Maternity    - Simon Banks

·  Learning Disability  - Graham Hodkinson

·  Mental Health  - Sheena Cumiskey

·  Workforce  - Karen Howell


Fiona Johnstone, Director for Strategy & Partnerships, informed the Board that four key streams of work would routinely be included in future agendas of the Board.  Unfortunately as this meeting of the Board conflicted with a meeting of Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust the updates for Mental Health and Workforce could not be presented and would be deferred to the next meeting of the Board.  Members were also informed that the update on Learning Disability would also be deferred to the next meeting as Graham Hodkinson, Director for Health & Care was unwell.


Councillor Phil Gilchrist voiced his concern that the Health & Wellbeing Board was being downgraded as it had been intended to be a meeting of senior officers and he has observed that higher officers of the partnerships were not attending in recent times.  Fiona Johnstone indicated that she would feedback this concern to partners.


Nesta Hawker, Director of Commissioning CCG, presented an update to the Board and informed members that the deadline for submission of the Local Maternity System Plan had been January 2018 and this had now been submitted.  The first pop-up Maternity Centre would be setting up in Seacombe on 20 March, 2018.  Nesta Hawker also updated members on developments in personalised maternity care, baby boxes and noted that the Royal College of Midwives were about to prepare a statement of support.  Dr Paula Cowan, Medical Director CCG clarified that that pop-ups would be led by senior midwives for those at low risk and other patients would not be considered for this initiative. Dr Cowan indicated that she applauded this work and commented that this pilot was pioneering in our area.  Councillor Ian Lewis sought information concerning an email received by members regarding a conflict of interest and what diligence was being carried out.  Fiona Johnstone indicated that she was unaware of this email and asked that Councillor Lewis provide this to her and she would investigate.


Resolved –That a briefing note be provided as soon as possible for circulation to members as follows;


·  Maternity  : Simon Banks

·  Learning Disability : Graham Hodkinson

·  Mental Health  : Sheena Cumiskey

·  Workforce  : Karen Howell

·  Simon Banks to circulate, for information, the latest strategic highlight report from the Partnership



New Model of Safeguarding

Presentation by Maggie Atkinson.


Further to Minute 15, 15 November, 2017 members of the Board were provided with a presentation on Future Safeguarding by Prof Maggie Atkinson, Independent Chair of LSCB.  This included the Children and Social Work Act – consequences for LSCB’s, opportunities for child friendly Wirral – the key role for the Health & Wellbeing Board and Supporting Families Enhancing Futures - support for principles and approach.


The presentation gave details of Supporting Families Enhancing Futures (SWEF) and set out the 5 key principles that underpinned the model.  Maggie Atkinson informed members that the next 18 months would provide the opportunity for the Board to go back to the broad vision of ‘Every Child Matters’.  She referred to the timeline for the new model and the work undertaken in Rotherham and Leeds.  Members were also encouraged to look at the website;


On behalf of members the Chair thanked Prof Maggie Atkinson for the presentation and looked forward to more information to coming to the Health and Wellbeing Board in the future.


Resolved – That the presentation be noted.




Update on progress

Verbal report by Simon Banks.


Nesta Hawker, Director of Commissioning, CCG provided the Board with an update on progress and informed that developments were in placed based working.  The first focus was on how people age well in Wirral and work was being undertaken by Age Concern.  Dr Paula Cowan, Medical Director, CCG and GP commented that she had become involved with digital work – noting that one of the biggest issues for patients was telling the same story repeatedly.  One of the significant differences in Wirral was population health and geographical outcomes and Wirral as a subject area and digital innovation was ideal for this work given that it enabled shared information for health and care purposes.  Dr Cowan indicated that she would be happy to come back to a future meeting and provide a presentation to members.  Val McGee, Chief Operating Officer commented on the inequalities in outcomes in Wirral and noted that in this area the questions to be addressed were how standardisation was to be ensured, how communities could be more empowered and how variation could be driven out.  Dr Cowan concluded that Health Information Exchange would help facilitate this and commented that this was an excellent piece of continuing work.


Following discussion the Chair thanked Nesta Hawker for the presentation and indicated that a presentation by Dr Cowan to a future meeting of the Health and Wellbeing Board would be welcomed.


Resolved – That the verbal report be noted.


Unplanned Care Update (A&E Delivery) pdf icon PDF 132 KB

Additional documents:


Jacquie Evans, AD Integrated Commissioning and Unplanned Care, provided the Health and Wellbeing Board with an update on progress and developments across the unplanned care system, overseen by A&E Delivery Board and responded to Members questions.


Councillor Ian Lewis welcomed the improvement and commented that it was important that Wirral looked elsewhere, for example, why Greater Manchester had improved.  He requested that the Board receive details of work being undertaken in Manchester at a future meeting.  Jacquie Evans commented that work was being undertaken on Regional and National benchmarking. The Chair commented that it would be interesting to hear what new developments there were.  Jacquie Evans and Val McGee agreed that they could jointly undertake this work.


Resolved – That;


·  the update and ongoing priorities overseen by A&E delivery board be noted.

·  the interdependencies of all partners to the resilient delivery of the 4 hour standard be recognised.

·  the improving position be noted.


Urgent Care Review

Presentation by Anna Rigby.


Jacquie Evans, AD Integrated Commissioning and Unplanned Care, provided the Health and Wellbeing Board with a presentation to update members on Urgent Care Transformation.  The presentation outlined the National context, the timeline involved, what local data showed, the views of local people and typical examples of case studies. The presentation also showed details of interaction with the public, urgent treatment centre requirements and the next steps to be taken.


Resolved – That the report be noted.


Wirral Better Care Fund Update pdf icon PDF 152 KB

Additional documents:


Integration Update

Update reports will be provided by Graham Hodkinson on:


·  Integrated Commissioning Hub

·  All Age Disability


As Graham Hodkinson, Director of Health and Care, had submitted apologies for this meeting Fiona Johnstone, Acting Director of Strategy and Partnerships, indicated that she would ask him to circulate a briefing note for circulation to members on

·  Integrated Commissioning Hub

·  All Age Disability



Performance Report


The Performance Report was provided by the following link;






NHSE Quarterly Update pdf icon PDF 96 KB


Members gave consideration to a written report provided by Nicola Allen, Head of Medical, NHS England (Cheshire & Merseyside) & Lead for Service Change Assurance.  The aim of the report was to update Wirral Health and Wellbeing Board regarding the activities and responsibilities of NHS England. This report outlined the national and regional position together with specific updates on priorities that the Local NHS England Teams were responsible for progressing.


Resolved – That the report be noted.



HealthWatch pdf icon PDF 108 KB


The Health and Wellbeing Board gave consideration to the quarterly report provided by Karen Prior, Healthwatch that provided an update on the activities, outcomes and outputs of Healthwatch Wirral (HWW).


Resolved – That the report be noted.



Additional documents:


Julie Webster, Director for Health and Wellbeing, provided the Board with a report on Wirral Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA) 2018-2021: Final Version for publication.  Members were informed that Wirral’s Health & Wellbeing Board had undertaken the production of a new Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA), as a legal, comprehensive, assessment of the current and future needs of local people for community pharmacy services for the period between 2018 and 2021.


It was reported that following the formal 60+ day consultation period for Wirral’s new draft Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA) (ended on 5th February) there had followed a review of the results and comments with the draft PNA document being amended accordingly.

The board is asked to approve the final draft prior to publication on or before 1st April 2018.

Resolved – That


1. the final Wirral Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA) for the period 2018 to 2021 be approved.


2. it be noted that Final PNA will be published on or before 1st April 2018.





Date of Next Meeting

The date of the next formal Board meeting is Wednesday 18 July 2018, at 4.00 pm in Committee Room 2 Town Hall, Wallasey.


The date of the next formal Board meeting would be Wednesday 18 July, 2018 at 4:00pm in Committee Room 2 Town Hall, Wallasey.