Agenda item

Public Question and Answer Session (Approximately 20 Minutes) Including Responses to Questions Asked at the Last Committee Meeting

Although it is possible to forward pre-notified questions to the Constituency Manager, questions will also be answered on the night via the Chair.  All questions will be collated at the beginning of this Item of business and dealt with in turn by the Chair.


The Committee and members of the public in attendance at the meeting raised the following questions, issues, concerns and requests.


Question 1.


How aware is the Committee of the proposal the Council has to close Girtrell Court, a provider of respite care for disabled people?


Members provided the following answers to the question


The Committee is very aware of the Council’s budgetary proposals and consultation on them is still ongoing.


The Council went through a similar process with The Lyndale School; a special needs school in Eastham in 2014.  The Committee is very aware of what is happening in respect of Girtrell Court.


The Committee has received a presentation on budgetary options and parents have phoned and visited Members.  However, it would seem that the Council has learnt no lessons from the closure of The Lyndale School.  Wirral Council never seems to learn.  We will report back that the parents have very special children with special needs.


Question 2.


An analysis was carried out at a meeting parents attended at Wallasey Town Hall.  A list of other homes was provided which were totally unsuitable.  We want you to report this back and put our points of view across.




In respect of the people who need care and who seek respite accommodation, it would be helpful to understand the specific concerns in relation to the options on the list.  This information can then be used by Members to get the best deal possible for people, whatever happens.


Question 3.


I asked for a list of options on 30 December 2015.  I highlighted my concerns to the Director of Adult Social Services and to Councillor C Jones, Cabinet Member – Adult Care and Public Health.  I believe the list has now been updated.  The places listed on the revised list are still not suitable.


The Council’s 2020 Pledges for our Borough includes one to consider the most vulnerable children in our Borough and to ensure that they reach their full potential.  Who put together this list?  The establishments offering respite care listed on it are inappropriate.  The rooms are located on the second and third floors and there is no lift access. You are being lied to about these Homes.




Councillors are caring and are worried about what is going on.  We want full consultation on the proposal and want to ensure that children and young people get the best care possible.




We are asking you to take this up with the Director of Adult Social Services?  There is very little time left to look at these Home options and they are totally unsuitable.  He has got this wrong!




We will ask the Director of Adult Social Services to look at this budget proposal again.  Parents have been told where their children can go if Girtrell Court is closed.  These homes are not suitable.




No Elected Members from South Wirral are Members of the Cabinet.  When can we have Elected Members from South Wirral on the Cabinet?




That Members of this Committee are caring and worried about the proposal for Girtrell Court and want full consultation to ensure that the young adults concerned have the best possible care, therefore it is proposed that the budgetary proposal in relation to Girtrell Court be taken off the table and no further actions be taken until proper, meaningful consultation has been undertaken over the next 18 days.