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Wallasey Bright Ideas Fund 2016/17


The Constituency Manager introduced a report which set out details of applications made to the Wallasey Bright Ideas Fund. £20,000 had been set aside by the Committee for the Fund (minute 14 refers). A total of 34 applications had been received, though two applications were ineligible. A very small number of applications contained requests for elements of funding that were not eligible as outlined in the terms and conditions; these applications had therefore been reduced in the amount they sought and these revisions had been agreed with the respective applicants. A total of £29,389.80 was sought by 32 applicants.


Each application had been objectively assessed against agreed criteria by both the Constituency Managers for Wallasey and Wirral West. Seventeen projects were recommended for funding in full based upon this assessment. Six projects were recommended for funding at a reduced amount with a proportionate amount allocated from the remaining Fund to these six projects, taking the total amount recommended for spend to £20,000. These six projects had all indicated that any shortfall could and would be sought elsewhere. Nine projects were therefore not recommended for funding based upon the scored assessment.


Representatives from the groups applying for funding had been invited to attend if the Committee had any queries regarding their respective applications.


Responding to comments from Members, the Constituency Manager stated that all previous funding had been committed. There were no current underspends and other funding was specifically ringfenced.


Some Members expressed disappointment that some of the projects would miss out on funding but understood that this was the system that was in operation for the allocation of the funding.


The Chair commented that all the applications had been through a fair and objective assessment and suggested that the Committee should vote en bloc on the recommended applications.


Resolved (12:0) (Two abstentions) –


(1)  That the 17 projects recommended for funding in full, be agreed as follows:


·  KH2 Community Link Services CIC -  £1,000.00

·  Friends of North Wirral Coastal Park -   £990.00

·  St Chad’s Church -   £492.98

·  Well on Wirral CIC -   £850.00

·  West Wirral Boys Club -   £988.80

·  St Vincent de Paul – Wallasey -   £1,000.00

·  Institute of Christ the King at Ss Peter, Paul and

Philomena’s Church (The Dome of Home) -  £1,000.00

·  Amy and Friends -   £1,000.00

·  New Brighton Baptist Church, Christians against

Poverty – ‘Life Skills’ -  £1,000.00

·  Belvidere Centre -   £744.10

·  The New Brighteners -   £985.44

·  Claremount Players -   £900.00

·  Wallasey Village in Bloom -   £1,000.00

·  Community Spirit Wirral -   £1,000.00

·  Seabank Road Tenants and Residents Association -  £1,000.00

·  Leasowe Play and Youth Community Association -  £998.98

·  The Mersey Ferries Preservation Trust -   £500.00


(2)  That the 6 projects recommended for funding at a reduced amount be agreed, so that the total spend of £20,000 is allocated, as follows:


·  New Brighton Community Centre -   £827.43

·  Black Pearl Pirates at Art -   £412.55

·  Momentary Art Project (MAP) -   £827.43

·  Friends of Rake Lane Cemetery -   £827.43

·  Leasowe Development Trust -   £827.43

·  Friends of Harrison Park -   £827.43


(3)  That no allocation of funding be made to the 9 projects not recommended for funding.

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