Decisions published

12/01/2021 - ACQUISITION OF FORMER HOUSE OF FRASER BUILDING – 92 GRANGE ROAD, BIRKENHEAD ref: 4792    Recommendations Approved

92 Grange Road, Birkenhead (“the Property”) is situated at the heart of Birkenhead town centre and therefore forms a key site in respect of enabling any future redevelopment of the town centre to take place. The Property, shown edged red on the plan appended to this report as Appendix 1, includes a car park with 86 spaces and a rear service yard. This purchase is recommended as this Property is key to enabling the comprehensive regeneration of Birkenhead town centre which is a strategic priority for the Council.
The purchase of the Property will increase the Council’s holdings and influence over the town centre. The Property occupies a prime gateway site at the entrance to the planning central business district of Birkenhead, in close proximity to the proposed redevelopment of Milton Pavements and the residential proposals for Hind Street.
The acquisition of the Property will enhance the Council’s existing portfolio, giving it the ability to exercise control of the future use and development of the site which could influence the value of existing holdings and projected values of other Council properties in the area.
The Acquisition of the Property will defend against an alternative use which could have a negative impact on the development plans for the town. This is also a defensive acquisition to prevent an undesirable use or development which could detract from the Council’s plans to regenerate the area.

Decision Maker: Director: Governance and Assurance (Monitoring Officer)

Decision published: 12/01/2021

Effective from: 12/01/2021


The Director of Law and Governance authorises the completion of the purchase of the property known as the former House of Fraser Building, 92 Grange Road, Birkenhead from its current owner Autumn Properties Ltd at a price of £2M.

Lead officer: Philip McCourt

21/12/2020 - Smart Business Project ref: 4791    Recommendations Approved

Decision Maker: Policy and Resources Committee

Made at meeting: 21/12/2020 - Policy and Resources Committee

Decision published: 11/01/2021

Effective from: 21/12/2020


Shaer Halewood, Director of Resources introduced a report on the SmartBusiness Project regarding the proposed upgrade of the Council’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.


The ERP systems integrated key business processes across Finance, Human Resources (HR), Procurement and other areas. The approach standardised and streamlined procedures to the administration of a number of key business activities. The Council’s current ERP system Oracle 1Business had been in operation since 2005 and was now considered obsolete and a critical risk to the business.


The SmartBusiness Project had gone through extensive Discovery and Design phases, including a Strategic Outline Case (SOC) and Outline Business Case (OBC) which was presented to Cabinet on 24 March 2020 and approval was given to complete a tender and evaluation exercise.


A Full Business Case (FBC) for the SmartBusiness Project, was now being prepared to discuss the future of the Council’s ERP systems and options to replace the current platform. To support the delivery of the SmartBusiness Project FBC, scrutiny by Members was now sought.


Shaer Halewood and Wendy Nicholls, Senior Business Designer, responded to a number of comments from Members and confirmed that a number of presentations had been made from preferred bidders before a preferred supplier had been chosen.


Councillors Moira McLaughlin and Pat Cleary confirmed that they were happy for Members with experience of these systems to sit on the Task and Finish Group and report back to the Committee.


On a motion by the Vice-Chair, seconded by Councillor Chris Carubia, it was -


Resolved – That this Committee:


(a)  appoints Members of the Committee , Councillors Chris Carubia, Paul Stuart and one Conservative Member (to be confirmed), to a Task and Finish group to support the development of the FBC;


(b)  agrees that a meeting of the Task and Finish Group be held on 6 January 2021 and that the outcomes of that meeting be reported to the meeting of the Policy and Resources Committee scheduled to take place on 20 January 2021.