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Stop 20mph speed limits.

We the undersigned petition the council to Stop 20mph speed limits.

I am writing to present a defense against the proposed initiative to make 80% of Wirral roads subject to a 20mph speed limit. While the aim to enhance safety on the roads is commendable, it is my firm belief that this particular proposal has several negative implications that warrant careful consideration.

Inefficiency and Traffic Congestion: By implementing a 20mph speed limit on such a significant portion of the road network, we risk severely impeding traffic flow. The reduced speed limit may cause unnecessary delays and congestion, particularly during peak hours when commuters rely on efficient travel times. Congested roads not only waste valuable time but also contribute to increased pollution levels as vehicles spend more time idling in traffic.

Economic Impact: The reduced speed limits will have a detrimental effect on the local economy. Slower traffic will lead to longer delivery times for businesses, increased fuel consumption, and ultimately higher transportation costs. Furthermore, the potential decrease in road capacity due to congestion can discourage business investments and negatively affect the overall economic development of the Wirral region.

Diverted Traffic and Environmental Impact: Enforcing a 20mph speed limit on the majority of Wirral roads may lead to increased traffic diversion onto alternative routes. This scenario could result in more congestion and safety issues in areas not initially affected by the speed limit change. Additionally, increased traffic volumes on alternative routes could lead to a rise in air pollution levels, undermining efforts to improve air quality and contribute to environmental sustainability.

Unrealistic Compliance and Enforcement Challenges: Achieving widespread compliance with a 20mph speed limit poses significant challenges. Many drivers may find it difficult to adjust to such low speeds, particularly on roads that are designed to accommodate higher speeds. Enforcing compliance across a large area would require a substantial allocation of resources, including additional police presence and speed cameras, which may strain the already stretched budget and divert attention from other pressing law enforcement matters.

Limited Impact on Road Safety: While road safety is a paramount concern, implementing 20mph speed limits across 80% of Wirral roads may not yield the desired results. There is limited evidence to suggest that reducing speed limits to such low levels on non-residential roads significantly reduces accident rates. Moreover, drivers may become complacent and less attentive due to the slower speeds, leading to an increase in other forms of risky behavior, such as distracted driving.

In conclusion, the proposed initiative to impose a 20mph speed limit on 80% of Wirral roads raises legitimate concerns about traffic flow, economic impact, diverted traffic, enforcement challenges, and the actual impact on road safety. While the objective of improving safety is crucial, alternative measures should be explored that strike a balance between safety and the efficient functioning of the road network. A more comprehensive approach, such as targeted speed limit reductions in high-risk areas or improved driver education and awareness campaigns, may prove more effective in achieving the desired outcomes.

Thank you for considering these points. I hope this defense helps provide a comprehensive perspective on the potential drawbacks of implementing 20mph speed limits on a significant portion

Started by: Mark Neil

This ePetition ran from 01/06/2023 to 13/07/2023 and has now finished.

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