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Councillor Phil Gilchrist


Photograph of Councillor Phil Gilchrist
Councillor Phil Gilchrist

Bus. phone:
0151 691 8653


Home Address:
2 Gordon Avenue
CH62 6AL

Home phone: 0151 334 1923

Fax: 0151 334 1923

Welcome to my Website


Thank you for contacting me through my website.


There are 66 Wirral Councillors. There are 22 wards with three councillors in each.  I'm one of the Councillors for Eastham Ward. Why not phone me on 0151 334 1923.

If I'm not at hand there is an answering machine and I check my e mails each day too.

My colleagues Tom Harney and Dave Mitchell also have websites up and running.


Councillors are elected to serve the interests of all residents regardless of political persuasion.


I am, however, a member of the Liberal Democrats and I take an active interest in local and national campaigns.


It would not be appropriate for me to use this website to promote these campaigns.  You can visit those sites by clicking on the 'Links' button on the right hand side of the screen.


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