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Extra Care Contract

Meeting: 18/03/2010 - Cabinet (Item 365)

365 Progress Towards the Transformation of Adult Social Services - Assistive Technology pdf icon PDF 179 KB


A report by the Director of Adult Social Services advised of a change in the way support services would be assessed and provided by the Department of Adult Social Services. It was proposed that all people, when referred for support, would be assessed to see how assistive technology could be used to meet, or partly meet, people’s presenting needs. This would require a shift in resources and was presented as an “invest to save” strategy.


The proposal was also presented in the context of promoting self-directed support and the need to realise significant financial efficiencies over the next three years. The matter involved a key decision first identified in the Forward Plan dated August 2009.  The items fell within the Social Care and Inclusion portfolio.




(1)  the contract for Assistive Technology be re-tendered in 2010; and


(2)  the detail of this Invest to Save Project agreed by Council be noted.