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Approval of Development Agreements, and Development Appraisals to appoint Keepmoat as the Council’s private developer partner to deliver new build housing in Birkenhead

Meeting: 02/06/2011 - Cabinet (Item 21)

Appointment of Keepmoat Homes as the Council’s Preferred Private Developer Partner for Birkenhead

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Councillor George Davies left the meeting whilst this report was considered.


A report by the Interim Director of Corporate Services sought the approval of the Cabinet to formally appoint Keepmoat Limited (Keepmoat Homes) as the Council’s preferred private developer partner for delivering new homes in line with existing market renewal plans for Birkenhead.


The report was considered in the absence of the press and public because of its commercially sensitive content relating to the organisation referred to in the report.




(1)  agreement be given to enter into a Development Agreement with Keepmoat Homes to redevelop areas of Birkenhead where housing renewal projects are creating land for new-build housing;


(2)  authority be delegated to the Director of Law, HR & Asset Management to sign Development Agreement;


(3)  agreement be given to the inclusion of sites in Birkenhead in the Development Agreement and that they be made available to Keepmoat Homes should they be released for new-build housing in the future;


(4)  the advice of the Council’s advisers Hill Dickinson and Tweeds who have assisted officers in negotiating terms with Keepmoat Homes be noted; and


(5)  Keepmoat Homes’ preference to work with Wirral Partnership Homes as a key Registered Social Landlord  engaged in the development programme in order to open up the potential for wider collaborative working between the Council, Keepmoat Homes and Wirral Partnership Homes be noted and endorsed.

Meeting: 19/03/2009 - Cabinet (Item 437)


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The Director of Law, HR and Asset Management sought Cabinet’s approval to formally appoint Lovell as the Council’s preferred private developer partner for delivering housing market renewal in Tranmere.


Resolved: - That


(1)  the inclusion of land in Tranmere within the Church Road Development Programme as set out in Appendix I be agreed;


(2)  a Development Agreement be entered into with Lovell to redevelop the Church Road area of Tranmere;


(3)  the current Global Development Appraisal and Preliminary Development Appraisal for Phase 1 of Church Road as set out in Appendix II be noted;


(4)  the likelihood that the Council will be required to provide gap funding for Phase 1 of the Church Road scheme – the retail element – to ensure it is viable and proceeds in 2009/10 be noted;


(5)  a further report be received in the near future regarding the development programme, notably the level of gap funding required for Phase 1 and the requirement to enter into a building lease for Phase 1;


(6)  make available the sites at Church Road for development and subsequent private freehold ownership as set out in this report; and


(7)  the continued engagement of Tweeds as cost consultant advisers be approved to finalise and monitor the development programme on the same terms as reported to the Housing and Community Safety Overview & Scrutiny Committee on 26th September 2007 (minute 16).