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The “Sail”

Meeting: 19/03/2009 - Cabinet (Item 390)


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The Deputy Chief Executive/Director of Corporate Serviced informed Cabinet of the details of Carpenter Investments’ revised design proposals for the Sail Project. Members were requested to consider the design proposals in the context of the Council’s aspirations for the regeneration of Hoylake and West Kirby as well as the wider ambitions of the Council’s Investment Strategy. The Director sought a decision from Cabinet on whether to continue their support for the revised proposal based on the designs submitted. If Members were supportive of the revised scheme design, a further report would be brought to Cabinet on 9th April on the associated financial package for the project, including the details of an independent valuation assessment to determine whether the scheme represented value for money to Wirral Council.


With the permission of the Chair, Mr Daglish on behalf of West Kirby Working Group, Councillor John Hale and Mr Brewitt on behalf of the developers addressed the Cabinet.


Councillor Gill Gardiner referred to the reduced size of the development and the loss of car parking provision.  Councillor Gardiner felt that the design of the Sail School was good but that the hotel was not the iconic building she had hoped for.  Councillor Gardiner moved a motion which was duly seconded.


The Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Planning Strategy supported the motion.


The Deputy Leader of the Council referred to the different perceptions of the consultation process that had been expressed and requested clarification on these matters.


With the permission of the Chair, the Leader of the Conservative Group addressed the Cabinet.


Resolved: -That


(1)  Cabinet recognises that ease of parking for residents and local businesses in West Kirby as well as the town’s visitors is an important consideration both in terms of the proposed investment and regeneration actions under consideration and the future prosperity of the town;


(2)  Cabinet notes this report and notes that it will receive a further report at a future meeting; and


(3)  Cabinet acknowledges that if it decides to proceed with the Sail project in the future there will be detailed consideration of the proposals through the planning process which will include the issues around car parking.

Meeting: 10/12/2008 - Cabinet (Item 289)


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The Deputy Chief Executive/Director of Corporate Services provided an update to members on progress with the Sail Project, further to the appointment of developers Carpenter Investments Ltd. on a 12 month lock-out basis in January 2008. The report summarised the developer’s progress and went on to seek members’ approval for an extension to the lock-out agreement in order for Carpenter Investments to provide further details in relation to a revised scheme proposal.


Resolved -That


(1)  a three month extension be approved from the current expiry date to the lock-out agreement with Carpenter Investments in order that the Developer can provide further details and to allow officers sufficient time to evaluate the information; and


(2)  the Director of Law, HR and Asset Management be authorised to complete the legal documentation required to extend the existing agreement for that period.