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Liscard Hall

Meeting: 14/01/2010 - Cabinet (Item 266)

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The Director of Law, HR and Asset Management gave an update to Cabinet on the situation regarding the site of Liscard Hall, together with its ancillary outbuildings, and proposed options for their future retention and development.


Resolved – That,


(1) officers arrange for the preparation of a landscape scheme for the site of the Hall;


(2) the Liscard Hall Steering Group be consulted on any landscape scheme produced;


(3) officers continue to explore options for the use of the outbuildings; and;


(4) the Insurance settlement be ring fenced for future expenditure required to landscape the site of the Hall and to help secure an appropriate alternative use for the outbuildings.

Meeting: 16/10/2008 - Cabinet (Item 225)

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The Director of Law, HR and Asset Management presented a report which advised Members of the necessary demolition of Liscard Hall, following a fire in the building and the options, which the Council may wish to consider with regard to the future of the site of the Hall and depot buildings.


The following options were presented:


Option 1 - To incorporate the site of the Hall as an additional area of Central Park.

Option 2 - To grass over the site leaving the top of the external and basement walls exposed as features to show the original structure and footprint of the Hall.

Option 3 - To build on the site of the Hall.

Option 4 - To try and promote a new scheme to refurbish the Depot Buildings, in isolation.


Resolved - That Officers be authorised to explore the viability of Option 3 and/or Option 4 in order to try and procure a beneficial use of the site of the Hall and its environs and to report back to a future meeting.