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Structural Maintenance Programme 2011-12

Meeting: 03/02/2011 - Cabinet (Item 317)

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On 13 January 2011, the Cabinet approved the Local Transport Plan Capital Programme 2011/12. The Programme included the funding for the Highway Maintenance Block, totalling £3.095 million.


A report by the Director of Technical Services presented both the proposed breakdown of that highway maintenance funding between the Bridges, Lighting and Roads/Footway elements of the network and the proposed Highway Structural Maintenance Programme 2011/12, for approval.  The maintenance of highways was a statutory duty for the Council, under the Highways Act 1980 (as amended).


RESOLVED:  That approval be given to:


(1)  the proposed allocation of Local Transport Plan Capital Programme 2011/12 Maintenance Block between Street Lighting, Bridges and Roads/Footways;


(2)  the Detailed Highway Structural Maintenance Programme for 2011/12; and


(3)  the Director of Technical Services; in conjunction with the Cabinet Member for Streetscene & Transport Services and Party Spokespersons; be requested to make necessary adjustments to the priorities within the programme should the need arise due to financial, condition or other factors.