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Transfer of Funding

Meeting: 19/03/2009 - Cabinet (Item 389)


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The Director of Adult Services highlighted to members a number of proposed actions regarding financial issues affecting the Department of Adult Social Services.  They included Fair Access to Care; fees payable to Residential & Nursing homes, Supported Living Providers and Domiciliary Care Providers and the transfer to the Local Authority of NHS – Wirral  (Primary Care Trust) Funding for Learning Disability Services. 


The Leader of the Council indicated that he was minded to recommend deferral of part of the recommendation.  The Cabinet Member for Social Care and Inclusion indicated that she had requested further information on a number of matters relating to residential and nursing homes and felt it was appropriate that the matter be brought back to the next meeting of the Cabinet.


Councillor McLaughlin moved an amendment, duly seconded and it was -


Resolved: That


(1)  with regards to Fair Access to Care Services, the decision to continue to provide social care services to individuals in Wirral who have critical and substantial needs be endorsed;


(2)  with regards to Supported Living, to pay £13.18 per hour rate to all providers who have indicated they would accept the proposal and give 3 months notice to terminate contracts with providers who have refused. Work to be undertaken to establish if there is a business case to implement a detailed banded model of needs and fees during 2009/2010.  This work to be carried out in consultation with providers and if proven further proposals be brought to Cabinet in order for the model developed to be introduced on 1 April 2010.


(3)  with regards to Domiciliary Care, to maintain existing contract business at £12 per hour pro rata (i.e. 20 pence per minute) with a new contract to be developed during 2009/2010 to commence 1 April 2010 with a standard ceiling rate appropriate inflation clause and health standards.  No new business will be placed with companies that refuse to accept the proposal and these contracts will be terminated (with 3 months’ notice).


(4)  with regards to Residential and Nursing Homes, having considered the representations made on behalf of the residential and nursing home providers, this aspect of the report be deferred.  The Director of Adult Social Services is instructed to report to the next meeting of the Cabinet on 9th April 2009 with further details addressing in more detail the matters raised during the consultation process;


(5)  with regards to the transfer to the Local Authority of Primary Care Trust Funding for Learning Disability Services:


(a)  the proposed transfer of funding of £6,354,296 that the Council will receive for taking responsibility for the care of a number of people with disabilities currently funded by NHS Wirral, be approved; 


(b)  the Employment and Appointments Committee be recommended to approve the establishment of the following posts to support the transfer and to respond to the additional demands made upon the Department.