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Connexions Contract

Meeting: 03/02/2011 - Cabinet (Item 323)

Progress Report on the Pan Merseyside Connexions Contract


The  Cabinet had received a report at its meeting on 15 October 2009 that  set out the outcome of the Competitive Dialogue Process that resulted in Greater Merseyside Connexions Service (GMCS) being awarded the contract for the provision of Connexions Services to the six Merseyside Authorities for the period January 2010 to 31st March, 2012. (Minute No 173 refers) The current agreement with GMCS was that by 31 March 2011 the six authorities, must give notice as to whether the contract would be extended up to March 2014.  A report by the Interim Director of Children’s Services provided details about the changing Policy Context and an up-date on the current negotiations that had been led by Halton Borough Council as lead Authority with GMCS.


The report was Exempt and not for publication under  paragraph 3(b) of Part 1 of Schedule 12A to the Act as it was being considered by the respective Cabinets of the six Merseyside authorities, it dealt with contractual negotiations with the Greater Merseyside Connexions Partnership and disclosure would prejudice the efficiency and effectiveness of the Council’s resources.




(1)  the current position in respect of the Connexions Service, including contract deadlines be noted;


(2)  officers be authorised on behalf of the Council to continue to negotiate with Greater Merseyside Partnership in respect of the 2011/2012 contract and service specification, together with the five Local Authority areas in the Liverpool City Region (LCR);


(3)  officers be authorised to seek Counsel’s advice, as required, to determine the capacity of Local Authorities to reduce the core value of the contract (to be undertaken on a shared cost basis across the 6 Local Authorities); and


(4)  at this stage it be noted that officers from all LCR Councils are indicating that they will not recommend to Elected Members that the contract should continue (in its current form) if notice has to be given by 31 March 2011.