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Contracts for Personal Support

Meeting: 09/12/2010 - Cabinet (Item 259)

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The Interim Director of Adult Social Services presented a report seeking authority to tender for the provision of Personal Support to people in their own homes and Support to people living in registered Residential and Nursing Home accommodation in Wirral. The revised Contracts focused on outcomes for people and were set in the context of the broader transformation agenda for Adult Social Care and the recommendations of the Task Force (Minute 242 refers). The new Contracts were considered essential to improving safeguarding arrangements for vulnerable people, providing better value for money and offering more choices for people to enable them to take control over their own lives.


Councillor Bob Moon, portfolio holder, thanked the Interim Director and his team, for their hard work in progressing this matter.


Councillor Holbrook endorsed these comments and asked for the Cabinet’s approval to waive the call-in period.


The Director of Law, HR and Asset Management, advised that the waiving of the call-in on the grounds that the delay would seriously prejudice the Council’s interests required the approval of both the Cabinet and the Interim Chief Executive.


The Interim Chief Executive gave his approval to the waiving of the call-in. 




(1)  Cabinet authorises the Interim Director of Adult Social Services to implement the Contracting arrangements as set out in paragraphs 7 and 17;


(2)  Cabinet instructs the Interim Director of Adult Social Services to continue dialogue with providers;


(3)  Cabinet instructs the Interim Director of Adult Social Services to advise providers that the Council will continue to benchmark charges to compare the fees paid with those of neighbouring authorities and retain these in broad alignment with the North West regional average, whilst continuing to ensure high quality and value for money;


(3)  the Council supports providers, including independent, community, voluntary and faith organisations, to develop partnerships which will be enable them to benefit from opportunities presented as personal budgets are rolled out and improve and enhance outcomes for vulnerable people;


(4)  Cabinet instructs the Interim Director of Adult Social Services to develop a robust quality assurance, inspection and monitoring framework, building on the rating criteria currently in use. This to ensure that the most vulnerable people in Wirral are safeguarded and outcomes enhanced with rigorous measures put in place to monitor provider standards to ensure that they are retained, and wherever possible improved;


(5)  the outcome of these enhancements be included in the Service Improvement Plan; and


(6)  call-in on this matter be waived to allow the tender process to proceed immediately.