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Dock Bridges

Meeting: 10/12/2008 - Cabinet (Item 320)


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The Director of Technical Services described the current position with regard to the condition of and management arrangements for the major highway bridges within the Wirral Docks area.  His report contained proposals for a medium-term maintenance strategy.  Cabinet was requested to approve the strategy and the Director of Technical Services’ proposal to re-negotiate the terms of the Council’s current Operating Agreement with Peel Ports (Mersey Docks and Harbour Company) and to introduce improved liaison procedures relating to the management of the bridges.  Cabinet was also requested to endorse the view that the long-term future of the key bridges be reviewed as part of Peel Holdings’ traffic and transportation studies in connection with the Wirral Waters development proposals.


This was a key decision included within the Forward Plan.


Resolved - That:


(1)  the medium-term maintenance strategy outlined in paragraph 4.1 and Appendix A and the proposed way forward outlined in paragraph 5.1 be endorsed;


(2)  the Director of Technical Services and the Director of Law, HR & Asset Management be authorised to re-negotiate the terms of the bridge Operating Agreement executed in December 1987 with Mersey Docks and Harbour Company and to agree improved inter-organisational working arrangements and procedures for the effective maintenance management of the opening bridges; and


(3)  the Director of Technical Services be authorised to request that Peel Holdings consider the content of the Faber Maunsell report when devising their traffic and transportation strategy for the Wirral Waters development proposals and consider the potential replacement of the bridges where appropriate.