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Teenage Pregnancy Priority Action Plan

Meeting: 09/04/2009 - Cabinet (Item 447)

447 Teenage Pregnancy Priority Action Plan Progress and National Support Team for Pregnancy Recommendations pdf icon PDF 152 KB

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Further to a visit by the Department of Health’s National Support Team for Teenage Pregnancy in July 2008 to evaluate progress made so far in Wirral to reduce the number of teenage conceptions, and recommend actions to accelerate the pace of change, the Joint Director of Public Health and the Director of Children’s Services presented a report outlining progress against the recommendations and priority actions to be implemented in Wirral to turn the curve of rising under 18 conception rates in order to meet the 2010 target of a 50% reduction. Cabinet was asked to consider progress to date and support the implementation of the National Support Team (NST) recommendations in full.


Resolved –


(1)  That Cabinet note the progress made so far in implementing the recommendations of the National Support Team, and the challenging agenda to be implemented in a very short space of time if Wirral is to meet the 2010 target of a 50% reduction. 


(2)  That Cabinet support the proposed event for Elected Members on 21st April 2009 and recognise the role of members in championing and scrutinising the implementation of the Teenage Pregnancy Priority Action Plan, which incorporates the NST recommendations.