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Financial and Performance Monitoring Quarter 1

Meeting: 15/04/2010 - Cabinet (Item 386)

386 Financial and Service Planning and Performance Management pdf icon PDF 96 KB


A report by the Chief Executive set out the timing and content of the financial and performance management reports to be submitted to the Cabinet during 2010/11 and the proposed process and timetable for the production of financial and service plans for 2011/12.




(1)  the dates for the planning and monitoring reports be agreed; and


(2)  the process for financial and service planning and performance management be agreed.



Meeting: 23/07/2009 - Cabinet (Item 61)

Financial and Performance Monitoring Quarter 1

The Deputy Chief Executive/Director of Corporate Services and the Director of Finance will give a presentation to the Cabinet.


The Corporate Performance Manager and the Deputy Director of Finance gave a detailed presentation in relation to Financial and Performance Monitoring during the quarter. The full report had been placed in the Web Library and the presentation focused upon key achievements and performance issues in relation to the Council’s five Strategic Objectives. It also highlighted the impact of the recession, set out the financial headlines and provided a brief analysis of the revenue budget and capital programme.


Resolved – That the presentation be noted.