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Public Health Transition

Meeting: 12/04/2012 - Cabinet (Item 402)

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To give consideration to the report of the Chief Executive, deferred at the meeting of the Cabinet held on 15 March 2012 (minute 334 refers).


This report was withdrawn from the agenda for the same reason as the report on the Chief Executive’s Office was withdrawn.  (Minute No. 396 refers.)

Meeting: 15/03/2012 - Cabinet (Item 334)

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A report by the Chief Executive provided the Cabinet set out the implications of the transfer of part of the current public health system to the local authority in relation to roles and future structures.


The report informed that, whilst not currently a statutory duty, under the Health and Social Care Act, currently making its way through Parliament, local authorities would be statutorily responsible and would be given new statutory duties across the three ‘domains’ of public health.


Councillor J Green informed that as the Chief Executive was not in attendance at the meeting to present his report and answer Members’ questions he proposed to defer it for consideration to a future Cabinet meeting.  However, if there were any decisions required with time constraints they would be agreed so as not to hold up any processes.


Instead of considering the report the Director of Public Health was asked to provide the Cabinet with an update on how the transition plan was proceeding.


The Director of Public Health accordingly made a presentation to the Cabinet which included information on the following:


·  developing a Health and Well Being Board;

·  assurances being sought from the Department of Health; and

·  the need to demonstrate engagement between the Council and Health.


Councillor J Green informed that he had attended the Health and Well Being Board meeting the previous evening and had enjoyed it.  It had considered an interesting agenda and it was a good meeting.  He had been particularly impressed with the work of the Commissioning Groups.  Councillor J Green asked the Director of Public Health to take back to her colleagues in the Public Health arena how keen the Council was to provide clarity on how it saw Public Health fitting in with the work of the Council and of the major benefits that would result.  There had been an unfortunate delay in respect of the transfer but the direction of travel was now clearly set.




(1)  the Director of Public Health be thanked for her informative presentation;


(2)   any decisions with time constraints upon them be agreed; and


(3)   the report and issues not covered by (1) above be considered at the next Cabinet meeting.