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Financial Support for Adopters

Meeting: 12/04/2012 - Cabinet (Item 390)

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A report by the Acting Director of Children’s Services outlined the proposals for a revised policy for financial support for adoption.  The Cabinet was advised that the proposal was to continue with the model means test provided by the government, using Department for Education criteria.  The approach differed from the one used for special guardianship and assisted residence orders to reflect the specific circumstances of adoption compared to other permanence arrangements.


Cabinet was informed that the amendments to the financial support policy for adoption clarified the eligibility criteria for financial support and the decision making process.  The revised policy included how financial support was determined when children were placed for adoption, and brought the financial support available to previous foster carers that adopt in line with regulations.


The Cabinet noted that the revised policy complied with the requirements of the Adoption Support Services Regulations 2005.




That that the Acting Director of Children’s Services be requested to consult further with representative adopters in respect of the proposed Policy for Financial Support for Adopters and that a further report is brought to Cabinet for consideration on the outcome of these consultations.