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Draft Corporate Plan 2012/13

Meeting: 29/03/2012 - Cabinet (Item 359)

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  The Council at its meeting on 13 February 2012 (Minute No. 122) instructed officers to prepare a report that set out a process and timetable that would deliver an updated Corporate Plan within six months that:


  • Captures any work done to date, particularly focussing on comments provided by Overview and Scrutiny Committees and partner organisations;
  • Leads to the preparation of an updated draft plan by the middle of May;
  • Builds in a 6 week policy public consultation period;
  • Reports back to Council at the end of August;
  • Informs the Budget Planning process and enables publication of a draft Budget to December Council.


  The 2012/13 draft Corporate Plan was reported to the Council on 2 February 2012 where it was resolved that a report be prepared that captured the comments provided by the Overview and Scrutiny Committees and partner organisations.


The Cabinet received a covering report by the Chief Executive and the Council’s draft Corporate Plan 2012/13.  The Corporate Plan presented a structured approach to make the most of available resources, taking advantage of opportunities open to the Council and tackling the significant challenges that faced the borough.  The Council’s ambitions were clear, and the resources had been put in place along with the plans and strategies needed to achieve them.  There were four themes within the Corporate Plan (Your Family, Your Neighbourhood, Your Economy and Your Council) that would guide the Council to invest its resources and prioritise its work.


The following focuses had been included in the 2012/13 draft Corporate Plan following consultation with the Overview and Scrutiny Committees and partner organisations:


·  Working towards every child in Wirral is ready for school;

·    Tackling alcohol harm;

·    Tackling health inequalities

·    Implementing a mortgage assistance scheme;

·  Delivering improvements to town centres;

·  Ensuring Wirral plays a key role in the regional opportunities presented by the Liverpool City Region and Local Enterprise Partnership;

·  Ensuring that the Wirral Waters development complements the wider economic regeneration strategy for the Borough.




(1)  the Corporate Plan be agreed; and


(2)  the covering report and the draft Corporate Plan be referred to the Improvement Board for endorsement.