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Corporate and Business Planning - Consultation Process

Meeting: 10/07/2012 - Cabinet (Item 45)

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A report by the Acting Chief Executive indicated that Wirral’s emerging Improvement Plan included a priority focus to put in place an agreed Corporate Plan that set clear priorities reflecting a good understanding of citizens and customers’ views through consultation, participation and localism.


The report also set out the proposed arrangements for developing a long-term corporate and financial planning framework through a comprehensive programme of consultation and engagement. The process would deliver:


  • A 3-year Corporate Plan and Financial Plan for 2013 onwards, which provided the framework for the Council’s key plans and strategies
  • An Equality Action Plan


An update of the current Corporate Plan for (2012-13) was subject to a separate report (Minute No. 44 refers).  This report provided the strategic direction required in the current financial year to deliver improvements and address the critical issues set out in the emerging Improvement Plan.




(1)  the approach, timetable and communications plan for developing a three-year corporate and financial planning framework be agreed; and


(2)  the Officer Team who has worked on this comprehensive plan to consult, be thanked for its hard work, it is much appreciated.