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Financial Monitoring (Capital) (Month 9)

Meeting: 18/02/2013 - Cabinet (Item 206)

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A report by the Interim Director of Finance informed the Cabinet of the current position regarding the Council’s 2012/13 to 2014/15 Capital Programme.  The report reflected:


  • the re-profiled 2012/13 Capital Programme budget which incorporates previous decisions made by Cabinet to amend the programme;
  • the expenditure to date, which continues to be less than it should be;
  • the request for a revision to the Capital Programme to reflect slippage of £1.451 million of schemes into the 2013/14 Financial Year.  In addition the Cabinet meeting on 20 December 2012 approved slippage of £0.515m for the New Brighton Environmental Improvement scheme (Minute No. 147 refers);
  • the request for an increase in the Capital Programme of £0.675 million for schemes requiring no unsupported borrowing;
  • a reduction in the estimated grant for Mersey Heartlands Growth Point of £0.585 million;
  • the projected outturn figures for 2012/13, which suggests an underspend of £5.103 million on the revised Capital Programme; and
  • the current funding of the Capital Programme and its future affordability.


Councillor P Davies referred to section 2 of the report and requested that Officers provide an update on the slippage of schemes in the Capital Programme.  As Officers were unable to provide this at the meeting they agreed to ensure Councillor P Davies received a written response.




(1)  the revised Capital Programme of £47.301 million be agreed;


(2)  the additional slippage in the programme of £1.451 million from 2012/13 to 2013/14 be agreed;


(3)  the following increases to the programme which have resulted from additional grant allocations be agreed:


·  Disabled facilities £0.439 million;

·  Cosy Homes heating £0.046 million; and

·  Outdoor gyms in parks £0.180 million.


(4)  the spend to date at Month 9 of £23.152 million, which represents 48.9% of the revised Capital Budget, with 75% of the Financial Year having elapsed be noted;


(5)  the work of the Capital Steering Group to detail the schedule of sites to validate the estimate of capital receipts be noted; and


(6)  Councillor P Davies be provided to a written reply in answer to his enquiry on the slippage of schemes in the Capital Programme.