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Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management

Meeting: 10/10/2013 - Cabinet (Item 72)

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The Cabinet Member for Environment and Sustainability introduced a report by the Strategic Director for Regeneration and Environment which sought approval for the actions and management plan developed as part of the Wirral Coastal Strategy.


The Cabinet noted that the Coastal Strategy identified a timescale for intervention to reduce flood and coastal erosion risk. Four priority areas had been identified where intervention had been identified as being required in the next 20 years. However, for these works to be implemented, external contributions in addition to grant-in-aid from the Environment Agency (EA) would need to be found. The report requested that the Strategic Director for Regeneration and Environment explore opportunities to provide funding outside the EA grant-in-aid system so that the risk to coastal communities and assets could be reduced.


The Cabinet also noted that the Coastal Strategy was not a statutory document, however, the Council was exercising its powers as a Coastal Erosion Risk Management Authority in undertaking its production.




(1)  the Management Plan and Action Plan identified in the Wirral Coastal Strategy be approved; and


(2)  the funding required for scheme delivery over the next 20 year timeframe be noted and the Strategic Director for Regeneration and Environment be requested to investigate programme and funding opportunities from grant-in-aid sources, and identify options and opportunities for the shortfalls in funding.