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Financial Monitoring 2013/14 (Month 7)

Meeting: 10/12/2013 - Cabinet (Item 116)

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The Cabinet considered the report of the Director of Resources, which detailed the Monitoring Position for Month 7 (ending 31 October 2013).  The reports detailing the Revenue and Capital Monitoring 2013/14 for Month 7 were attached as appendices to the report.




(1)  Revenue:


(a)  That at Month 7 (October 2013), the full year forecast projected a General Fund underspend of £519,000 and if achieved at year end this should be earmarked against future Council restructuring costs be noted. 


(b)  The use of £175,000 of General Fund balances to fund the part year effect of the increase in energy prices in 2013/14 be approved.


(2)  Capital:


(a)  The spend to date at Month 7 of £12.70 million, with 58% of the financial year having elapsed be noted.

(b)  The revised Capital Programme of £43.666 million(Table 1 at Paragraph 4.1 be approved;

(c)  The re-profiling of a number of schemes into 2014/15, totalling £0.219 million be approved;

(d)  The inclusion of £0.200 million for Arrowe Park changing facilities to be funded from unsupported  borrowing be  approved; and

(e)  The removal of the park depot rationalisation scheme (£0.500 million) pending re-submission of a composite depot scheme be approved.