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Residential and Nursing Fee Setting Proposals 2014/15

Meeting: 13/03/2014 - Cabinet (Item 175)

175 Fees for Residential Care and Nursing Homes - Response to Consultation pdf icon PDF 93 KB

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Councillor Chris Jones presented a report by the Director for Adult Social Services that set out the outcome of consultation with care home providers on the 2014-15 care home fees and proposed the fee levels for 2014-15


The rates offered in the proposal were summarised in the table below:


Summary of 2014-15 Care Home Fee Proposal


Residential EMI


Nursing EMI*






2014-15 now proposed





Change 2014-15 v 2013-14





In addition Wirral CCG will pay a fixed nursing contribution.  For 2013-14 this was set at £109.79 a week.  The amount for 2014-15 has not been determined.


Attached to the report was:


·  Appendix 1 - Detailed calculations; and


·  Appendix 2 – Fee comparisons.


Councillor Phil Davies informed that a huge amount of work had gone into this report and he thanked those officers who had led on it.




(1)  the content of the report and the proposed Fee levels for 2014-15 as detailed above be agreed;


(2)  officers be requested to give consideration to the ongoing nature of year on year fee setting and the need for continued provider engagements, so that the Council remains in focus in relation to this important aspect of service provisions; and


(3)  the outcome of engagement with mental health and learning disability care home providers be reported to the June 2014 Cabinet meeting.