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Proposals for Childcare in Children's Centres

Meeting: 19/06/2014 - Cabinet (Item 5)

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A report by the Director of Children’s Services updated Members on the position regarding savings to day nursery provision of £772,000 – agreed as part of the Council’s budget options. 


The Director of Children’s Service was in attendance at the meeting and requested that the Cabinet only have regard to the proposal in the report regarding the day nursery at the New Brighton setting becoming a Social Enterprise model of delivery in partnership with New Brighton Day Nursery Ltd.  She proposed that the other proposals be put on hold for the time being and be the subject of a future report to the Cabinet.




(1)  Cabinet approves and agrees to the New Brighton Day Nursery provision detailed within the report being transferred, subject to all requisite Council conditions/requirements being met, to New Brighton Day Nursery Ltd, a separate legal entity established as a social enterprise model, under a five year contract with a target transfer date of 1 September 2014;


(2)  the Director of Children’s Services together with the Head of Legal and Member Services be authorised to agree all necessary terms and make all appropriate arrangements, including the completion of  all requisite legal documentation, as appropriate and necessary to give effect to (1) above; and


(3)  the Cabinet agrees that the other matters detailed in the report be deferred to a future meeting.