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Transitional Pay

Meeting: 08/12/2014 - Council (Item 74)

74 Transitional Pay Policy pdf icon PDF 72 KB

A copy of the report ‘Transitional Pay Policy’, considered by Cabinet at its meeting on 27 November is attached. The Council will be invited to consider and approve the recommendations from Cabinet. The Cabinet minute is attached.

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The second matter requiring approval was in relation to the Transitional Pay Policy and the recommendations of Cabinet at its meeting 27 November 2014 (minute 101 refers).


On a motion by Councillor P Davies, seconded by Councillor Ann McLachlan, it was –


Resolved (62:0) (One abstention) – That the recommendations contained within Cabinet minute 101, be approved.

Meeting: 27/11/2014 - Cabinet (Item 101)

101 Transitional Pay Policy pdf icon PDF 74 KB


Councillor Adrian Jones introduced a report by the Strategic Director - Transformation and Resources that recommended a change to the Council’s Transitional Pay Policy.


The policy had been designed to support employees through the financial impact of a reduction in their pay arising from the impact of organisational change or from the impact of other changes to their terms and conditions and pay.


The changes were being recommended following a review of the policy in the context of significant organisational change and the consequent financial impact for some employees.


Councillor Phil Davies informed the Cabinet that he was pleased that the Council had set up a remodelling reserve which it could use to fund this change in policy and to manage the situation in a humane way.




That the Council be recommended, at its meeting scheduled for 8 December 2014, to amend the terms of its Transitional Pay Policy from the current level of a maximum of £2,000 of loss of contractual pay for 12 months to £4,000 or 75% of the contractual pay loss, whichever is the greater, for a period of 12 months (applied on a pro-rata basis).