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Corporate Plan Performance Management Report

Meeting: 29/06/2015 - Cabinet (Item 17)

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Councillor Ann McLachlan introduced a report by the Strategic Director of Transformation and Resources that set out the current performance of the Council against the delivery of the Corporate Plan as at Year End 2014/15.  The Cabinet was requested to consider the details of the report and highlight any issues. 


The Corporate Plan Performance Report (Appendix 1) set out the final year position against 20 outcome measures from across the Council. 14 (70%) of the measures had been rated green, 4 (20%) had been rated amber and 2 (10%) had been rated red. For the 2 measures rated red, action plans had been provided and included as follows:


·  Performance appraisals completed – Appendix 2.

·  Sickness Absence: The number of working days/shifts lost due to sickness (cumulative) – Appendix 3.


Councillor Ann McLachlan informed that the Council had missed its target in respect of Performance appraisals partly because of the remodelling project and its delivery.  The target on Sickness Absence had been missed but only by a ‘whisker’.  She had been provided with on Sickness Absence benchmarking information from other Local Authorities in the North West and Wirral was in the lower quartile.


Councillor Ann McLachlan reported that the Council needed Performance Indicators going forward that monitored how it was performing against the Wirral Council Plan: A 2020 Vision.




That the contents of the report be noted.