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Former MOD Site, Old Hall Road, Bromborough - Disposal

Meeting: 05/11/2015 - Cabinet (Item 74)

Disposal of the Former MOD Site, Old Hall Road, Bromborough

Exempt by virtue of paragraph 3 as it contains commercially sensitive information.


Councillor Adrian Jones introduced a report of the Assistant Chief Executive regarding disposal of the former MOD site, Old Hall Road, Bromborough.




(1)  the former MOD site on Old Hall Road, Bromborough be disposed of to the company named in the report for a sum of £2m, under the terms and conditions detailed in the report, to allow the site to be developed for the purposes outlined in the report, subject to the approval of HCA and DCLG as successors to the original scheme funders.


(2)  the capital receipt of £2m be repaid to the funding bodies in the sums described in the report and this be in full and final settlement of the Council’s obligations in terms of the grants it received to acquire, remediate and return the land back to the market.