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2015/16 Quarter 2 - Corporate Plan Performance Reports

Meeting: 17/12/2015 - Cabinet (Item 82)

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“When we commit to delivering actions to improve the lives of Wirral people, as we have in our Wirral Plan for 2020, it is vitally important that we track our progress towards achieving them.


“This report is an excellent example of that robust monitoring: it helps us make sure we are in the best possible place to achieve what we have promised, identify where we need to focus our attention and to hold ourselves to account.”


Councillor Ann McLaughlin


Reason for Decision:


To ensure Cabinet Members have the opportunity to review the Council’s performance.




That the contents of the report be noted.




The report set out the Council’s Quarter 2 (July to September) performance against the delivery of the 2015/16 Corporate Plan (as approved by Council 8 December 2014).  The report was attached at Appendix 1 of the Cabinet report and set out progress against a suite of agreed indicators.  The indicators related to a range of pledges under the three Wirral Plan themes of People, Business and Environment.  The performance report affected all wards within the borough.  It was not a key decision. 


Corporate Plan performance was measured against the targets set at the start of the year.  For each measure, a Red, Amber or Green (RAG) rating was assigned depending on the performance level against the target.  The report also showed the direction of travel illustrating for each indicator whether performance was improving, deteriorating or sustained.


Of the 20 reportable indicators, 13 were rated Green, 4 were rated Amber and 3 were rated Red.  For indicators Amber and Red, the responsible officer had indicated the corrective action being put in place to get performance back on track.  Of the 19 indicators where it was possible to indicate a Direction of Travel, 9 were improving, 8 were deteriorating and 2 were showing performance sustained.