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Wirral Plan: A 2020 Vision - Underpinning Strategies: Improving Life Chances

Meeting: 21/03/2016 - Cabinet (Item 123)

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“Raising aspirations for our children and families in the borough and reducing the impact of poverty is critical to ensuring that we can harness the skills and resources of our communities, and ensure that they are equally able to take the opportunities that ensure a positive life experience.  We know that at the moment we have much to do, and that this has long been a difficult challenge to meet.  However we are determined to bring together the skills and resources available to us to build on our learning and to target our efforts to support those who are most affected.”


In the Wirral Plan we set out the following pledge: We will continue to work with partners to look at opportunities to tackle child and family poverty in Wirral communities.  Sadly, 22.4% of children in Wirral currently live in low income households.  Our long term ambition is to ensure no child in Wirral lives in poverty and we will work with our partners to reduce this level over the five years of this plan.”


Councillor Tony Smith


Reason for Decision:


The Improving Life Chances strategy had been developed to deliver the Wirral Plan pledge to tackle child poverty. 


The strategy had been developed with local stakeholders, and partners to ensure effective engagement in its delivery.




That the Improving Life Chances Strategy be approved.




Councillor Tony Smith introduced a report which provided Cabinet with the Improving Life Chances Strategy; a key strategic document which articulated ambitions related to the Wirral Plan priority.


The Wirral Plan: A 2020 Vision sets out a shared vision to improve outcomes for Wirral residents.  Delivery of the priorities and outcomes described in the Plan were underpinned through the development and implementation of a set of key strategies.