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Meeting: 27/06/2016 - Cabinet (Item 16)

16 Wirral Plan: A 2020 Vision - Underpinning Strategies: Connecting Wirral pdf icon PDF 128 KB

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Councillor Stuart Whittingham introduced a report by the Senior Manager – Highways and Transport, which informed that the Wirral Plan: A 2020 Vision set out a shared partnership vision to improve outcomes for Wirral residents. It was noted that the delivery of the priorities and outcomes described in the Plan were underpinned through the development and implementation of a set of key strategies and a delivery plan.


The report provided the Cabinet with the Connecting Wirral Strategy, a key strategic transport document which articulated how Wirral’s transport network and transport services were fundamental to supporting the delivery of every priority of the Wirral plan:



‘Wirral is a place where the vulnerable are safe and protected, every child gets a good start in life and older residents are respected and valued’.



‘Wirral is a place where employers want to invest and businesses thrive’.



‘Wirral has an attractive and sustainable environment, where good health and an excellent quality of life is enjoyed by everyone who lives here’.


Councillor Phil Davies made particular reference to page 70 of the Cabinet’s agenda and informed that when you considered all of the priorities identified in the Wirral Plan, transport was a key strand that ran through many of the pledges.  He also informed that it was important that the Council got it right as this Strategy would be at the centre of everything that it did so it must be embraced.


The Connecting Wirral Strategy was attached to the report.




That the Connecting Wirral Strategy appended to the report be approved.