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Meeting: 14/03/2017 - Audit and Risk Management Committee (Item 52)

52 INTERNAL AUDIT ANNUAL PLAN 2017/18 pdf icon PDF 70 KB

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The Chief Internal Auditor introduced his report that presented the Internal Audit Plan of work for Wirral Council’s Internal Audit Service for 2017/18.


The report identified work scheduled for completion that reflected the findings of the extensive planning exercise recently undertaken, as well as the inclusion of any risks to the organisation that had recently emerged, or were likely to emerge in the near future.


The Audit and Risk Management Committee were informed that the updated plan had also been presented to the Senior Leadership Team and approved for implementation. The document summarised the results of Internal Audit’s planning work, setting out the:


  • Responsibilities and scope of internal audit;
  • Resourcing and delivery of the Council’s internal audit service;
  • Arrangements for reporting internal audit work; and
  • Proposed programme of work for 2017/18 (the Audit Plan)


The Chief Internal Auditor informed the Committee that the Plan contained an explanation regarding its preparation, the 12 month planning cycle and mitigations of risk. He further detailed how the Audit Plan was subject to quarterly review.


Members noted the breakdown by area of the allocated total number of audit days and attached summary list detailing the specific projects and programmes for review together with the risk context and assurances.


Members questioned the Chief Internal Auditor on a number of points, including the allocation of 110 days contingency and whether this was sufficient. The Chief Internal Auditor confirmed that the time allocated for each area was adequate, and that the Plan was efficient and deliverable.


Resolved – That the work proposed in the Strategic Internal Audit Plan be endorsed.