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Corporate Risk Register: Update

Meeting: 12/06/2017 - Audit and Risk Management Committee (Item 12)

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The Manager: Insurance and Risk introduced the report of the Chief Executive which dealt with the forthcoming quarterly review of the Corporate Risk Register. A summary of the status of key mitigating actions for the existing Corporate Risks at the end of the Municipal Year 2016/17 were appended to the report. The Manager: Insurance and Risk informed that the report was currently in draft format and was shortly to be reviewed by the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) of the Council, and that an updated version would be circulated to the Committee, and that any significant changes to the content would be highlighted to Members.


The report informed that all mitigating actions appeared to be progressing as planned with the exception of:


·  The development of extra care housing (Risk 5: Integration of Health and Social Care)

·  Review of the Members’ Code of Conduct (Risk 8: Governance)

·  Implementation of the new Asset Strategy (Risk 10: Resources and Infrastructure)

A Member questioned the accuracy of the level of risk reported relating to Safeguarding, given the resignation of the Chair of the Improvement Board. The Manager: Insurance and Risk informed that the position relating to the Safeguarding risk will form part of the Quarter 4 review, and that as there had been a number of recent changes this will have to be considered. He added that each of the controls relating to the Q4 summary listing (snapshot report) were held in the full Risk Register. Review by the SLT would address progress in relation to the management of corporate risks as well as emerging risk areas for possible addition to the register.


Resolved – That


1)  the report be noted; and


2)  that further reports on the Corporate Risk Register be brought to future meetings of this Committee.