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Urgent Care Transformation

Meeting: 30/07/2019 - Wirral & Cheshire West and Chester Joint Health Scrutiny Committee (Item 11)

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The Joint Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee’s views are requested.

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Councillor Yvonne Nolan, Chair introduced the item, informing that although this matter had been discussed in a number of forums at the last meeting of the Joint Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee, given that the CCG had not formally announced its decision, Members were not in a position to comment on the proposals for the transformation of Urgent Care treatment.


The report of the Wirral Health and Care Commissioning - Nesta Hawker, Director of Commissioning and Transformation outlined the current position of the Urgent Care transformation work with regards to the outcome of the NHS Wirral CCG Governing Body decision which was taken at the Joint Strategic Commissioning Board in public on 9 July 2019.


The report informed that the NHS Wirral CCG Governing Body approved the following recommendations:


1)  Implementation of a 24-hour Urgent Treatment Centre at the Arrowe Park Hospital Site.


The placement of the Urgent Treatment Centre at the Arrowe Park Hospital site (previously approved in public at the NHS Wirral CCG Governing Body on 6 February 2018);


2)  All-age walk in access in each community hub:


  • Wallasey – Victoria Central Hospital (8am-8pm) reduction of 2 hours from current provision.


  • Birkenhead – Birkenhead Medical Centre (8am-8pm) increase of 2 hours from current provision.


  • South Wirral – Eastham Clinic (12pm-8pm) no change from current provision.


  • West Wirral – UTC at the Arrowe Park site (24-hours) increase of 10 hours from current provision.




3)  Gladstone Minor Injury and Illness Unit (formerly Parkfield Minor Injury and Illness Unit) & Moreton Minor Injury and Illness Unit to be replaced by additional GP/Nurse appointments as part of the GP extended access scheme. Further supported by an enhanced NHS 111 service and a planned/bookable dressing service in the Moreton area.


Dr Paula Cowan – Chair, Wirral Health and Care Commissioning introduced a presentation that provided a summary of the process and lead up to the decisions agreed on 9 July (listed above).


Dr Cowan’s presentation informed how NHS Wirral CCG Governing Body had undertaken a consultation and engagement exercise in accordance with  the CCG’s statutory duties for public and patient engagement to determine final recommendations to improve urgent care services in Wirral, including the introduction of an Urgent Treatment Centre (UTC). The report and presentation outlined the decision making process, consultation, key considerations and final approved model of care. Key areas of her presentation covered:


Consultation Feedback


Members were apprised that the CCG had been responsive in their analysis of public feedback and this had been used to inform the final model of care. Members noted that public feedback had been very focused on the retention of all age walk in access across 3 localities. Dr Cowan informed that during the consultation the public were asked what was important to them when thinking about where urgent care facilities should be based in the community. The three most important factors, when considering location were identified as:


  • Distance from home (32% of repondents)
  • Flexible and convenient appointments (23%)
  • Public transport access (23%)


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Meeting: 24/07/2019 - Adult Care and Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee (Item 17)

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The Adult Care and Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee’s views are requested.

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The Chair introduced this item, explaining that there had been an extensive consultation which had resulted in a strong response from the public and professionals. The revised plans were approved by the NHS Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) on 9 July.


Dr Paula Cowan, Chair of Wirral Health and Care Commissioning, and Nesta Hawker, Director of Commissioning and Transformation, presented the background on the consultation and the proposals using a presentation (attached to these minutes for information). Survey results and petitions demonstrated the depth of interest in the delivery of health care, and an independent review was undertaken to ensure transparency and avoid bias in the recommendations. Plans were revised as a result and were agreed on 9 July 2018.


At Arrowe Park, feedback from the consultation had been focussed on retention of walk in access, approval of the 24-hour treatment centre, with valuing of all age access, local service, flexibility of appointments and public transport access. There was awareness of the potential issue of public transport access and the need to ensure that it did not affect the aim of providing the best service to patients.


Dr Cowan explained how the usage of Gladstone and Moreton had been examined to determine reasons and patterns for usage and the recommendations met the identified needs. It was acknowledged that educating patients to alternative provision and changes was important and this was planned.


Councillors questioned Dr Cowan on the details and were provided with answers:

·  Extended hours GP appointments would be bookable through existing contact numbers and through the NHS 111 service and access to GPs was an issue being worked on

·  At Gladstone the appointments would be at the Parkfield site within walking distance of Gladstone

·  The new contract for primary care was transforming delivery by broadening the range of alternate provision including physician associates, self-care and social providers as well as GPs which was lessening the pressure on the NHS

·  Peaks and troughs including flu outbreak and Winter increases would be managed better by continual monitoring of demand and by forward planning for anticipated pressures such as vaccinations and managing chronic diseases

·  The date for implementation of the proposals was anticipated as April 2020 and there would be a period afterward for monitoring performance and review

·  Communication was a key aspect to educating the general population to newer roles such as physician associates, and triage would take place in doctor’s surgeries to identify the ideal role to deal with their issue

·  Access by public transport was identified as an issue and a discussion with the council would be welcomed. Pressure may need to be put on operators to provide a service despite them withdrawing several services on the A41


Other witnesses were introduced:


Dr Mark Fraser from the Primary Care Wirral GP Federation then spoke to pay tribute to the CCG on the process and consultation and had concurred that quality access in the local area was a most important aspect and he was happy to support the proposed changes. He  ...  view the full minutes text for item 17