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Active Travel Cross Party Member Working Group

Meeting: 04/03/2021 - Economy Regeneration & Housing Committee (Item 33)

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The report of the Director of Regeneration and Place sought approval for the establishment of a Member Working Group focussed on active travel. The Working Group would be within the category of an Advisory Group and would support the Council to secure a positive outcome in delivering increased levels of sustainable travel as set out in the emerging Local Plan and the target in the Cool2 Strategy to ‘a complete transition to fossil fuel free local travel by around 2030’.  Recommendations and findings from the Working Group would be presented to the Economy Regeneration and Development Committee.


The Chair proposed that the recommendations be adopted subject to an amendment to enlarge the membership to 8. Having regard to the current membership of the Council this would allow all parties on the Council to be represented with 3 Labour group members, 2 Conservative group members and the remaining groups having 1 representative. The Chair also proposed that the Chair of the Working Group be selected from its number. This was seconded by Councillor Jo Bird.


Members were advised that the proposed terms of reference enabled relevant officers and representatives of the Combined Authority and other local or national organisations to attend meetings of the Working Group as required.



(1)  The Active Travel Working Group be established with the Terms of Reference as attached to this report at Appendix 1 subject to the following amendments to the Membership:

(i)The Working Group will comprise of eight members. In addition, Members of other Committees may be invited to attend as and when appropriate at the discretion of the Chair of the Working Group.

(ii) A Chair will be selected by the Group from amongst its number.

(iii) The Working Group shall appoint a Chair.

(2)  The Monitoring Officer be authorised as proper officer to carry out the wishes of the Group Leaders in allocating Members to membership of the Active Travel Working Group and to appoint those Members with effect from the date at which the proper officer is advised of the names of such Members.