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Meeting: 28/07/2022 - Health and Wellbeing Board (Item 18)


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The Director of Public Health presented her report which updated the Board on the progress of Wirral’s Joint Strategic Needs Assessment, and followed on from the Board’s decision, at the meeting of 15th December 2021, to provide oversight for the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment and to ensure all partners were working collectively in Wirral, using the same intelligence to support joint decision making. There was a plan to launch in September 2022 a ‘state of the borough’ profile and a website with statistics and qualitative data in terms of narratives of residents. A Joint Strategic Needs Assessment Steering Group was needed to oversee this process on behalf of the Board. Representatives for it would be invited from the organisations who made up the Health and Wellbeing Board. Terms of reference for this Group would be circulated to members after the meeting and nominations were invited.


Members praised the draft website and were encouraged that the data on it would be local as well as national and could be broken down to Ward level,


Resolved: That

(1)   the ongoing development of the Wirral Joint Strategic Needs   Assessment and website be noted and supported in line with the   Wirral Health and Wellbeing Strategy priority areas;

(2)   the establishment of a Joint Strategic Needs Assessment Steering   Group, to help set the strategic direction and provide oversight of   Joint Strategic Needs Assessment development, be supported. All   members of the Health and Wellbeing Board are requested to   nominate a representative to be a member of the Group.