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Active Travel Fund Tranche 2 - Bayswater Road & Leasowe Road

Meeting: 20/10/2022 - Environment, Climate Emergency and Transport Committee (Item 36)

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The Lead Commissioner, Strategic Transport Infrastructure introduced the report of the Director of Regeneration and Place. The report considered the objections and expressions of support received following consultation regarding the proposed mandatory cycle link along A554 Bayswater Road/Harrison Drive, Wallasey Ward. This scheme had been developed as part of Tranche 2 of the Department for Transport’s (DfT) Active Travel Fund. In accordance with the Council’s constitution consideration of the approval of the implementation of the scheme was a matter for this Committee given that in excess of 14 objections had been received in response to the public consultation on the scheme. The scheme also sought approval for the removal of the Leasowe Road scheme in the Leasowe and Moreton East ward, and the Moreton West and Saughall Massie ward from the Tranche 2 programme.


The purpose of this scheme was to create an environment that is safe for both pedestrians and cyclists and to help embed walking and cycling as part of new long term commuting habits.


Members queried the cost increase of the project, with officers confirming the following reasons why this increase had occurred:


  • The scheme was put forward as part of Active Travel tranche 1 as part of the emergency COVID response to be delivered in a few months with no consultation, but was not afforded the funding until tranche 2 and by this point consultation was required again and this incurred additional costs and additional staff time. 
  •  The original scheme wasbased on high level outline design estimates costed before LTN1/20 was applicable – the application of the new design standard included additional design features which increased the scheme cost. 
  • There has been a general increase in the cost of materials and rates due to inflation increases



Members also queried why The Crescent scheme in West Kirby has been removed from the programme and a further discussion was held to explain this was due to the forthcoming West Kirby Masterplan process and that it was considered that any active travel proposals would be considered as part of this comprehensive approach.


Members were keen to ensure early delivery of the projects as well as oversight of any slippage within the scheme.


Resolved – That


(1)  the implementation of a mandatory cycle link along the A554 Bayswater Road/Harrison Drive, Wallasey, as set out in Appendix 1 of this report be approved; and


(2)  the Director of Regeneration and Place be authorised to:


(a) Submit a change control request to the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority to withdraw the Leasowe Road scheme from the Active Travel Tranche 2 programme;


(b) Submit a change control request to the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority to enable £111,000 of budget previously allocated to the Leasowe Road scheme to be allocated to the A554 Bayswater Road/Harrison Drive scheme; and


(c) Effect an associated virement so that the budget for the proposed mandatory cycle link along Bayswater Road/Harrison Drive is increased from £70,000 to £181,000.