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National Substance Misuse Grant Funding Update - Final

Meeting: 06/03/2023 - Adult Social Care and Public Health Committee (Item 88)

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The Director of Public Health presented the report which updated Members on the progress in the delivery of three grant allocations from central Government to tackle drug-related harms as part of the National Drug Strategy (2021).


These are:


  • The ADDER (Addiction, Diversion, Disruption, Enforcement and Recovery) Programme
  • Inpatient Detox funding
  • The Individual Placement Support (IPS) programme (an employment support programme).


This report also briefed Members on the continuation of the Inpatient Detox, and IPS programmes and confirmed funding allocations for 2023/24, and the replacement of the ADDER grant with the Supplementary Substance Misuse Treatment and Recovery grant (SSMTR) for 2023/24 and 2024/25.


In addition, under the National Drugs Strategy local areas have been mandated to establish Combatting Drugs Partnerships to oversee and co-ordinate local delivery of the national strategy. The report updated committee on the successful establishment of the Wirral Combatting Drugs Partnership and provided an update on the work underway to produce a drug strategy for Wirral, which will shape future work to reduce drug-related harm.


Members noted the word being done in Wirral to reduce drug harm, and queried partnership work in the Community, especially in Primary Care as well as support offered to younger teenagers. Members were informed that the service provider, Wirral Way to Recovery have clinics in 8 General Practices as well as having coverage in all primary care networks in Wirral. Regarding children and young people there is a response service available, and officers were working with colleagues in Children and Young Peoples service to expand and strengthen this offer.


Also queried was the level of mental health treatment offered and it was confirmed that more focus had been given on those with mental health needs. 


Resolved – That


1. the Supplementary Substance Misuse Treatment and Recovery (SSMTR) grant funding of £2,267,750 for 2023/24 from the Office for Health Improvement and Disparities (OHID) be accepted and the proposed delivery plan for this funding be approved.


2. the proposed utilisation of the 2023/24 Inpatient Detoxification (IPD) grant of £111,364 be approved.


3. the continuation of the Individual Placement Support Grant of £145,800 in 2023/24 and £151,632 in 2024/25 be approved.


4. the Director of Law and Governance be authorised to finalise the legal documentation arising from the acceptance of the grant funding referred to in recommendations 1 to 3.