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Risk Management Update - Corporate Risk Register

Meeting: 27/06/2023 - Audit and Risk Management Committee (Item 9)

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The Risk, Continuity & Compliance Manager presented a report of the Director of Finance which provided an update on activity related to the Corporate and Directorate Risk Registers and the Council’s risk management arrangements. It was noted that a detailed review of the Corporate Risk Register had been undertaken following discussion with the Council’s Senior Leadership Team, which had resulted in a reduction of risks from the register which had grown to over 20 as of March 2023. Appendix 1 detailed the outcome of the review, with an updated register of 8 corporate risks set out.


Members expressed concern that risks relating to Safeguarding and Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) had been devolved to the respective Directorate Risk Registers. The Risk Continuity and Compliance Manager set out that all devolved risks would be reconsidered by the relevant directorates and directors had the opportunity to put forward risks to the Senior Leadership Team for re-escalation to the Corporate Risk Register. Until further assurance was provided that the risks could be managed on a directorate level, it was:


Resolved – That the report be noted with

1.  the re-inclusion of the SEND and Safeguarding Risks on the Corporate Risk Register; and

2.  the Senior Leadership Team will further reconsider the Register in light of the Committee’s discussions.