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Review of Hackney Carriage Fares

Meeting: 23/11/2023 - Regulatory and General Purposes Committee (Item 31)

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The Director of Law and Governance submitted a report for Members of this Committee to consider whether to amend the current Hackney Carriage Fares.


The Licensing Manager reported that the current Hackney Carriage fares came into effect on 1 September 2022 and that a proposal to amend the current Hackney Carriage Fares had been received from Unite the Union on behalf of their members who are Hackney Carriage Drivers licensed by Wirral Council.  The current fares and the proposal to amend the fares were outlined in the appendices to the report.


The Licensing Manager informed Members that should the amendments to the current Hackney Carriage Fares be approved, the proposal must be advertised for a period of at least fourteen days.  If no objections to the proposals are received, the revised fares could become effective in December 2023, however, should any objections be received they would be reported back to this Committee for further consideration in January 2024.


A representative of Unite the Union, Mr G Gregory addressed the Committee and informed Members that he represented 75 to 85 members of the Union.  Mr Gregory advised that the proposal had been made due to an increase in the cost of running Hackney Carriage Vehicles.  He also confirmed that Bank Holiday rates would be one set fare for the day and night.


A Hackney Carriage Vehicle Driver, Mr McCourt addressed the Committee who supported the proposals to amend the fares.


On a motion by Councillor J McManus and seconded by Councillor C McDonald, it was -


Resolved – That the proposal to amend the Hackney Carriage Fares be approved subject to any objections being received as part of the consultation process.