Issue - meetings

Future Jobs Fund

Meeting: 25/06/2009 - Cabinet (Item 50)



The Deputy Chief Executive/Director of Corporate Services presented a report which provided an overview of the Future Jobs Fund, a joint Department of Work & Pensions and Department of Communities and Local Government initiative to support the creation of 150,000 new jobs nationally over the next two years. Cabinet was asked to:


(a)  agree a delivery model, and;

(b)  the number and the type of the opportunities to be supported by the programme.


It was also proposed that Working Wirral funding be used to support the Wirral element of a Liverpool City Region bid to the Future Jobs Fund.


Resolved (unanimously) –


(1)  That Cabinet authorise officers to continue to work up proposals and note the current position in relation to the Future Jobs Fund particularly:


(i)  Support the Liverpool City Region bid in principle to deliver Future Jobs Fund across the sub-region;

(ii)  Support Option A as the preferred delivery model for the reasons outlined in the report;

(iii)  Support the number and type of employment opportunities across the Council departments as outlined in the report;

(iv)  Authorise the use of Working Wirral monies to provide match funding for the project for the maximum figure identified within section 5.


(2)  That call-in on this matter be waived and the Council be advised accordingly.