Issue - meetings

Acceptance of Tender for the Council's Business Start Programme

Meeting: 03/09/2009 - Cabinet (Item 106)

Tender Report - Supply of North West Development Agency Intensive Business Start Up Service in Wirral


The Director of Regeneration submitted a report which sought Cabinet approval to:


(i) accept the grant offer from the NWDA in respect of funding for the new Intensive Business Start Up Programme (ISUS) from 2009/10 to 2011/12;


(ii) accept the tender from Enterprise Solutions to provide the ISUS Programme and to fund the Council’s contribution to it and a complementary grant scheme from the Working Neighbourhood Fund, and


(iii) waive “call in” to meet the financial requirements of the NWDA with respect to the grant agreement and to ensure that the ISUS programme could commence in Wirral from 1 October 2009 thereby ensuring no gap in the service for those who want to start a business in Wirral.


Resolved - That


(1) the funding agreement for the ISUS project with the NWDA in the sum of £1,593,863 (subject to annual review) be entered in to;


(2) £386,137 of Working Neighbourhoods Funding be agreed to fund the ISUS project;


(3) a tender from Enterprise Solutions in the sum of £1,980,000 be accepted for the delivery of the ISUS project in Wirral, subject to an annual review of performance and confirmation of NWDA funding which will be given on an annual basis for 2010/11 and 2011/12;


(4) £700,000 of Working Neighbourhoods Funding be agreed to fund the business start up grants which will support the ISUS project;


(5) a provisional sum of £920,000 of Working Neighbourhoods Funding be agreed to fund a Wirral Community Business Coach Programme and other services complementary to the ISUS Programme subject to a further report to Cabinet;


(6) “call in” be waived to enable the Council to meet funding timescales set by the NWDA and to implement the ISUS project in Wirral on 1 October 2009 thereby avoiding any gap in service for those wanting to start a business in Wirral.