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Pensby Primary and Stanley School Re-build and Co-location

Meeting: 18/03/2010 - Cabinet (Item 338)

338 Improving Primary and Secondary Special School Provision for Pupils with Complex Learning Difficulties - Stanley School Co-location Scheme pdf icon PDF 60 KB

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The Director of Children’s Services reminded Members that on 23 April 2009, the Cabinet had approved, in principal, the replacement of both Stanley and Elleray Park Special schools on new sites, each located with a mainstream primary school. This approval was further developed by the Cabinet on 26 November 2009 giving its approval for formal consultation to take place on the proposal to co-locate Stanley Special School on the new Pensby Primary site.


Members received details of the consultations that had taken place on the proposal along with a progress report on the design process for the co-located schools.





(1)  the DCSF 14-19/SEN Capital allocation of £6 million be approved for the construction of Stanley Special school; and


(2)  the building design for both Pensby and Stanley schools proceed to scheme and estimate, with particular attention being given to the establishment of an efficient and safe traffic management scheme.